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From:  Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson

Dear Marketer,

If you've been marketing online for more than a month, then you've probably heard about the power of blogs to promote your website.

Many know them as the ultimate way to generate massive amounts of FREE money-making traffic.

They allow you to cash-in by:

  • Capturing prized free search positions (Google loves blogs).

  • Getting you in the search engines in hours or days (forget months of waiting)

  • Attracting search spiders to get even your non-blog pages into the search engines fast.

Of course, blogs aren't all fun and games... especially if you're just getting started online...

The truth is search engines don't like all blogs.

Most fall flat on their faces.

Google, Yahoo, and MSN only look for those with fresh, quality posts.

In other words, at the bare minimum, you've got to post 1 high-quality article a week.

This may not sound too bad at first.  That is, until you realize...

You Need 50, 100, or Even 200 Posts To Generate Decent Amounts of Blog Traffic!

Even 20 posts usually doesn't cut it.

This means we're talkin' months of hard work to get just 1 blog going.

Who has time for that?  You need traffic now.

Sure, you can add junk content. 

There's loads out there.  Content mixers, spinners, and other content nobody would ever read.

You might even get some search results (at least, temporarily).

But, alas...

You Can Never Bring In The Massive Profits A Blog Stuffed Full of High-Quality Content Gives You...

Visitors don't come-back.  Nobody leaves comments.  And you don't get incoming links.  Over time, Google then takes-back any rankings they gave you... and hands them to the competition.

Without quality, you're earning a tiny fraction of the profits you could.

Worse, your entire efforts might be a complete waste.

Simply put, what's the use of easy content if it costs you in the long run?

You Might As Well Have Never Wasted Your
Time On A Blog In The First Place!

So, what are you to do?  Can you still use blogs to generate lots of traffic?

After all, even if you're a decent a writer, it can take HOURS to write a single blog post.

Coming-up with good ideas readers care about isn't always easy.

Luckily, this is why we developed a solution that's the best of both worlds.  It stuffs your blogs full of quick, easy, AND killer content. 

"I Just Log Into a Single Control Panel
and Handle It All At Once."

I spend a lot of time updating blogs. It's time I never planned on spending in my business, but each time I set up a new blog, I've committed myself!  I've solved the problem with many of my blogs by outsourcing these tasks, but for many others, I really need to directly control what is written and posted. Plus, outsourcing isn't exactly cheap!

So along comes Instant Blog Submitter to the rescue. Instead of wasting my time logging into each individual blog and posting content, or making comments, I just log into a single control panel and handle it all at once. What a great timesaver! An my time is VERY valuable. (I'm sure yours is too!)

-Nathan Anderson

You're able to...

Effortlessly Load Your Blogs With Quality Posts and Comments To Send Your FREE Traffic Into Hyperdrive!

Let me introduce you to a new tool called, "Instant Blog Submitter."  It's a PC software developed by Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith.

You may remember some of our other killer tools, including "Press Equalizer," "Instant Article Submitter," and "Article Equalizer."

Instant Blog Submitter allows you to easily load-up unlimited blogs with quality posts and comments.  A killer post goes from taking HOURS to being created in as little as 5 minutes.

You might sit down 1 afternoon and create enough content that lasts you 6 months!

All of your blogs are handled on autopilot in one central command and control center.

But, it gets better, because Instant Blog Submitter even has a feature to update your blog on autopilot even if you DON'T have 5 minutes to spare!

 Just set-it and forget-it.

"Your Scheduling Feature Alone Saves
Me An Hour Each Day!"

You really pulled out all the stops when you created Instant Blog Submitter! I have used other blog submitters in the past, but found they were too limiting in functionality or that they simply didn't work as advertised.

Blogs are an important part of my business, so I really need to be on top of what is happening with them. This software makes managing all of my blogs an easy task. In fact, your scheduling feature alone saves me an hour each day.

Plus, having the ability to take an RSS feed and use it as instant content in any blog is extremely useful. Great job guys!

Charles Kirkland

"I Found Instant Blog Submitter Invaluable
As a Time-Saving Tool"

Being a busy marketer, I found the Instant Blog Submitter invaluable as a time-saving tool to make manual and scheduled posts to my Wordpress blog.

It's also brilliant for downloading content from RSS feeds to post as new content.

I highly recommend Instant Blog Submitter to anyone who publishes content on a regular basis. Once you use it for yourself, you'll wonder how you ever got along without

Eva Browne-Paterson |

So, What's Instant Blog Submitter's Secret?

You see, the most time consuming part of creating a blog post isn't the actual physical writing.  This can be a breeze.

The hard part is coming-up with killer ideas your readers crave.

You can be the best writer in the world.  But, you won't have much success if your audience doesn't care about your topics.

This is why Instant Blog Submitter gets your blog posts started for you.  It puts unlimited news stories, articles, or even discussion board content at your finger tips.

The hot topics your readers crave are handed to you on a silver platter.

You can then quickly add your take on them for killer 100% unique content popped-out in record time.  Or, you can let Instant Blog Submitter post excerpts and link directly to the article while you're asleep!

Click "Play" To See For Yourself How Easy It Is!

Now, imagine having this PC software (no scripts to install or on-going fees)  load-up dozens, even hundreds of your blogs full of content.  Your traffic explodes in record time!

"I Recommend It To Anyone Doing Affiliate Marketing, Online Selling and/or Social Media."

Dear Rod,

I just checked your Instant Blog Submitter and I'm impressed (this doesn't happen too often in the IM field since most products are simply not working)

Your tool makes content submission and scheduling a total breeze. I love it!

And for this reason alone I recommend it to anyone doing affiliate marketing, online selling and/or social media.

Thank you,
Codrut Turcanu

Instant Blog Submitter Works In 5 Easy Steps:

Select the blog you want to load-up content for:


Then, you have the option of posting a blog post immediately, scheduling future blog posts (runs on autopilot), or add new comments: 

Let's submit a new quality post by hitting "Post New Content:"

You can then import content by loading-in already written PLR (Private Label Rights) or other articles you have by hitting "Load From File."  Or, you can create a new article by hitting "Load From RSS." 

 Let's select to "Load From RSS."  You can then select feeds from unlimited sources, such as,,,, and virtually every news site on the net, including niche blogs or forums in your niche market.  You might even use your "" RSS feed. 

This is "on-target" content your readers care about:

Let's say we have a sports blog and so we select


Give your take on the news story, hit "Select" and then "Submit now."  For instance, on the news story above we might write a 5 minute post saying, "My take on the confrontation between Mark Cuban and Kenyon Martin is..."

How easy is writing an article like that?  You get quality articles your readers are interested in fast.  And you're NOT spending HOURS first trying to get an idea and then writing about a topic no one cares about!

But, if all this is too much work, you can also use the built-in scheduling feature to post excerpts of the news stories and link directly to them without ever having to write a single word or touch a button if you don't want to.


In the example above, our golfing blog is set to post new content every Monday and Thursday.  Once it's set, you never pay attention to it again.  

Though, you can also mix-in your own custom articles to be uploaded automatically if you choose.

Allowed Me to Generate a Whole New Level of Traffic to My Money-Making Blogs and Marketing Products!"

Sean Clark here from Resellers-Heaven...

I just wanted to give you kudos for making such a powerful piece of software! This new blog tool of yours is fantastic. I absolutely love the in-built automation feature.

You have allowed me to generate a whole new level of traffic to my money-making blogs and marketing products!

Thanks man!

Sean Clark
Newry, UK

The bottom line is that there's just no quicker or easier way to get killer quality content to your site... especially if you're not a writer.

Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Receive:

Rocket your AdSense earnings, affiliates checks, or product sales with more quality search traffic and repeat visitors.

Capture long-term rankings because your blog stays fresh with new posts and comments.

Easily manage and update an "Army" of money-making blogs.  It's a one stop shop for free search engine traffic.

Slash the time it takes to pop-out a quality article readers crave from HOURS to a few minutes (you can even put it on "Autopilot").

Create quick posts using stories from forums, Twitter feeds, and major news sites.   The best post ideas around the web are at your finger tips. 

Easily freshen-up each of your individual posts YEARS after they're originally published with comments. You keep Google's attention for long-term rankings. 


Grab readers' interest by talking about current "Hot topics" in the news or being discussed across the web.


Get killer ideas at your finger tips for ALL of your content, including press releases, reports, articles, or any other type of content.

Easily create outlines for outsourced writers at lightning speed to rocket their quality (if you choose to still use them at all).

View a complete history run-down of how your manual and automatic scheduled posts went.


Get pages into the search engines in hours or even days by unleashing the full power of blogs.

Import the usernames and passwords for unlimited blogs with 3 clicks using .CSV files.  

Plus, much more to make updating one, dozens, even hundreds of blogs a breeze!

"Hours Have Now Transformed Into
Minutes, Even Seconds!"

I sometimes write upwards of a hundreds pages of content a month. And, even though I am a professional writer, I used to still get stumped coming up with good topics.

Sometimes it would take up to HOURS to come up with a good blog post idea others actually cared about. Entire mornings or afternoons were wasted.

Now, with Instant Blog Submitter, loads of hot article ideas are put at my finger tips.

Those hours have now transformed into minutes, even seconds!

I can now get more done, which equals more money and free-time.

Hans Klein
Copywriter & Internet Marketing Consultant

All in all...

A Big Choice Is Now At Your Doorstep...

You can work harder for less...Where you sit down to craft a post.  Stare at the computer screen.  And struggle to come-up with what to say.

Then, after all that work, you only have 1 "hit or miss" post out of hundreds you need.

OR... you can set your blog profits on autopilot with Instant Blog Submitter.

Each of your blogs (1 or more for every product) are easily stuffed full of "Hot topics" readers and search engines love. 

Your Blog Profits Are Put On Steroids!

Best of all, you can get started for a tiny fraction of what you might expect.

Unlike with a lot of other "content generation tools," Instant Blog Submitter runs on autopilot from your personal computer.

There AREN'T any complicated scripts to install or huge on-going monthly fees.

You literally click a few buttons to install and minutes later your first post is made.

We're Talkin' Immediate Results!

The time alone you save is huge.  Hours transform into minutes...Even no time at all.

Your days are no longer sucked dry.  Bills owed to outsourced writers disappear.

And you're getting surefire articles readers respond to and Google craves.

Considering all of these factors, we seriously considered charging $247.00 for this tool.  This investment is more than reasonable for what you get.

After all, it's mere pocket change compared to how much just 1 successful blog makes you.  However, your investment isn't anywhere close to that amount...

 It's NOT $197.00, $147.00, or even $97.00!

You Can Build Unlimited Money-Making Blogs And Generate A Ton Of FREE Targeted Traffic For Pennies On The Dollar!

The full version of Instant Blog Submitter is only $4.97 today. 

Then in 7 days, you will be billed one more payment of $47.00... and that's it!

There aren't any on-going monthly fees or any other expensive costs.

Just imagine having a dozen blogs working around the clock, capturing search positions for each of your products...each one giving you sales on autopilot.

But, that's not all.  To top it off...

You Also Get A $97.00 Software, Instant Blog Announcer, FREE When Grab Your Copy Today!

To make this an irresistible offer, we're giving away a valuable piece of software called "Instant Blog Announcer."  This tool could easily be sold alone for $97.00.  But, when you act today, you get it for free.

Instant Blog Announcer automatically submits your blogs to leading blog directories.

This vital first step for any successful blog gives you an initial set of links coming into your site.  Search engines then can find you.  And your first visitors roll-in.

Instant Blog Announcer currently has a list of 25 directories it submits your blog to automatically.  You just click and it submits.  Plus, there's also a built-in semi-auto submission tool that fills in your information for 62 more directories.  You just hit "Submit."  That's a total of 87 directories.

Here's an inside look into Instant Blog Announcer:

Now, normally, without Instant Blog Announcer, you have to spend about 6 hours manually submitting to all of these directories (if you could even find them all). 

With Instant Blog Announcer, everything is done on autopilot.  Fill-in your information, click and submit.  It's the perfect compliment for Instant Blog Submitter.

Just load-up your blogs with Instant Blog Submitter and get them off the ground with Instant Blog Announcer.

But, hold-on.  We're not done sweetening the pot yet. 

We're Also Throwing-In A Whopping 1,500 Private Label Rights Articles (Currently Sold For $47.00).

There are articles you can input into Instant Blog Submitter with 1-click.  There aren't any resource boxes you must include. But, you can change the articles however you want.  Slap your name on it, rewrite them, or post them "as is" for instant content.

Every topic under the sun is covered, including:

  • Credit cards,
  • Landscaping and gardening,
  • Self-improvement,
  • Real-estate,
  • Internet marketing,
  • Fitness and weight-loss,
  • Health and fitness,
  • Traffic and search engine optimization,
  • Hobbies, arts, and crafts,
  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Web design,
  • Basics of investing,
  • Online dating,
  • Plus, countless more hot niches.

You have enough content to last you YEARS.  Just point-and click to have them automatically uploaded to your blogs with Instant Blog Submitter.  They are great to mix-in with your original content.

Plus, you should also know...

Your Investment Is Secure!

Unlike other software products that go out of date quickly, you get FREE upgrades for both Instant Blog Submitter and Instant Blog Announcer. This means you always own the latest, up-to-date versions.

So, if a new features come-out that boosts the value of these two tools, you don't have to pay anything extra. You get the new advancement free of charge.

This truly makes getting your copy a risk-free deal.  But, there's more.  To give you even more confidence, you also get our:

We're so confident you're going to love the results you get with Instant Blog Submitter and Instant Blog Announcer...When you grab your new copies right now, you get our ironclad, 100% 60-day risk-free guarantee!

This means you get to take your copies for a risk-free test-run.  If you don't explode your traffic and profits or aren't thrilled for any reason, just let us know and your investment is promptly returned.

So, go-ahead and start enjoying your copies in minutes from now.  Every minute you wait equals easy profits you miss-out on.

With this deal, you can only gain by getting your copienow...


Jeff Alderson
Rod Beckwith

P.S.  Finally, you have a simple solution to profit from blogs to capture more search positions and flood your sites with free targeted traffic... and WITHOUT working around the clock.  Just pop open Instant Blog Submitter.  Then, create original posts in minutes.  Or,... set the tool on autopilot to boost your profits while you sleep.

P.P.S. Instant Blog Submitter is a great compliment to drive traffic to your AdSense sites, affiliate offers, and drive-up all of your product sales.  You get killer content all on autopilot.  You DON'T have to be an expert to generate blog posts that get results with Instant Blog Submitter.  So, don't wait.  Start enjoying your copy now.

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